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Jim Estill - Danby Appliance

CCSBE wisdom from Jim Estill

I was fortunate to catch a talk by Danby Appliance CEO Jim Estill (for the third time) at the recent Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference at the University of Guelph and his message struck me as something that would really resonate with both students and entrepreneurs. I have admired Jim for over 20 years

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Leadership Principles

The Five Basic Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles that Stand the Test of Time We got to talking about leadership principles in my Entrepreneurship class today and I was reminded of an incredible management training program that Telesat put all of its management through back in about 1989 or so, when I was in my first real management job.  The key to the

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10 things to consider before becoming an entrepreneur

The following top 10 list is adapted from Carol Roth’s book The Entrepreneur Equation Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you think starting your own business could set you free? Think again! The failure rate for new businesses is gloomy. In fact, the great majority of businesses (up to 90%) fail within

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Excellent article for budding Startup CEO’s and their teams

Antonio Garcia-Martinez is former merchant banker who started AdGrok, a company that makes using online advertising easier for businesses.  He wrote this article about what to expect and how to plan for the worst as a startup company.  This all applies even more in the high tech space than anywhere, due to the short half lives that

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