Student Resources

Student Resources

This student resources page is a collection of tools that students have requested over the years.  Feel free to request additions. These are financial student resources for an undergraduate level college / university finance student. Financial Analysis Ratios – these are the primary ratios we use for analysis of Financial Statements Goodwill Accounting Explained – Goodwill Accounting treatment Operating Leverage Explained – How one uses Operating Leverage to increase profits (or losses!)

Student Resources – Excel Models

Simple 3-Year Business Model – Easy to use 3-year business planning model. Provides Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow based on user inputs of sales, expenses and other cash-affecting items. [ENT 500 Students Use This for your Business Plan].
Simple NPV Model – Easy to use model to find the NPV of a series of monthly cash flows (even or uneven).
Simple DCF Model – This one is similar to the NPV model with a few more options.
Lease Rate Calculator – For calculating monthly lease rates for a 1, 2 or 3 year fully-recovered lease.
Lease vs Buy Calculator – For deciding between leasing and buying capital equipment.

Videos related to finance

I have a page with a comprehensive list of videos that provide a great background on money, our economy, how the world is really run.

Humorous Videos related to finance

Here are three Youtube videos by British comedians Bird and Fortune that relate to the Financial Meltdown in 2008.
WARNING: there is one section where they make an off colour remark regarding a certain ethnic group and I in no way endorse this statement.  The rest of the videos are highly entertaining and instructive.
This first one was actually recorded in Summer of 2007 BEFORE the meltdown. Even then comedians were making fun of what banks were doing, almost a year before things crashed.