Strategic Planning

Ambitious plans that inspire people to action!

A lot of people over complicate strategy. To me it comes down to four key questions, all answered at a high level:

  1. What are we trying to achieve? What are our goals for the relevant period?
  2. What markets will we play in and products will we offer?
  3. What parts of the value chain will we play in vs what will we outsource? What do we DO?
  4. On what basis will we compete? Cost? Differentiation? High Touch?

Any basic strategic plan as to answer those four questions (again, at a high level). Operational managers then have to execute and create plans of their own that feed into the organizational plan.

My approach to consulting in this area is to assist your team in creating their strategic plan. I provide the framework, and ask the difficult questions. Since you and your team have to execute the plan, we have them create the plan.

Beyond the typical organizational level strategic plan we can help with any or all of the following:

  • Operational and performance improvement
  • New market development
  • Financial strategy and management

I take the same approach to strategy as I do to a startup. The focus is on learning and validation and we’re always in the Build –> Measure –> Learn Loop. Strategic Pans are not static. They must respond to both external and internal feedback.

Engagement can be as intense as you’d like. From a single day planning session to a part-time executive engagement, we’re as flexible as possible, without compromising the results promised.

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