The Small Business Operator's Manual. A Practical guide to running your small business profitably


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Brad has extensive experience working in and for small businesses, and teaching entrepreneurs.


Brad's style is easy to read and comprehend, and the stories are both informative and entertaining.


The book has been written so that every chapter stands alone. Read as much as you need.


Brad's approach is focused on building your small business into a profit-making machine!

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Entrepreneur / Educator / Mentor

Brad Poulos is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, educator and researcher who has led companies in the telecommunication, software and, most recently the cannabis industry.

His experience has focused on running and helping companies with issues related to growth, business development, business optimization and business strategy.

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“How many of us think we have a Fully Operational Performing Small Business? I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses, and a good number have fallen into the trap of working in the business, not on the business. Small Business success can trace its roots back to crucial fundamental practices. Whether building, optimizing or simply validating your approach, let Brad and this book be your guide.”
Linda O.
Small Business Consultant
“As a 5x founder and someone who advises business leaders on Capital Raises - Financing and Managing your capital is beyond important; it's crucial. Given the fact that we are past the days of cheap lending - Brad's chapter on financing is more important than ever. I highly recommend this book and unless you are an accountant, definitely recommend reading the Finance Chapter before you spend a penny."
Alex B.
Venture Capitalist
“As a small business owner, I’m used to building the airplane while it’s in the air and solving problems as they come up. This book is a well-laid out reference guide for finding solutions BEFORE issues become a big problem. I found myself wishing I could have had the book on hand sooner, it would have guided me through a few of my current problems. The easy-to-read text is littered with stories, diagrams and examples that pull you in as a reader while teaching you the concepts. I appreciated the way the author stripped ideas down to their essential elements creating an easy-to-understand and digest experience. As a relatively young entrepreneur, this book will be a go to guide when facing new hurdles and a re-read every year or so for “small business owner spring training”.
David F.
Successful Small Business Owner

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