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Brad's Story

Adviser / Teacher / MBA

Brad Poulos is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, educator and researcher who has led companies in the telecommunication, software and, most recently the cannabis industry.

His experience has focused on running and helping companies with issues related to growth, business development, business optimization and business strategy.

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“Brad is a guy who knows how to mentor the innovators and build new innovation in large companies and small. He combines a real-world entrepreneurial background building and scaling businesses, and corporate background at Telesat building an innovative new business area within a mature business (where I worked as part of his team launching DirecPC), along with MBA academic smarts, and a stellar career as a Lean Start-up educator at Ryerson. If your goal is creating innovation capacity, you want Brad working with your team.”
Linda M.
“Brad probably didn’t even realize the indirect mentorship and positive impact he provided to me in my early career. It was inspiring observing him apply strategic thinking and business savvy as he led the charge in intrioducing an innovative new product platform into the company at the the time.”
Michael B.
“Brad is hands down one of the best professors I’ve enjoyed getting to know throughout my post-secondary education. He is as realistic as it gets and gives awesome advice. I would recommend Brad to anyone that would like to gain valuable insight. Trust me, you won’t forget this guy he’s a real genuine person!”
Victor H.

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