Are You Thinking of Selling Your Business?
I Can Help You.

Too many small (and medium) sized businesses owners wait too long to start thinking about selling their business. They either leave money on the table by selling without optimizing, or they lose valuable time getting the company “ready” for either a founder’s exit or investment. Time they could have been enjoying retirement or the next stage in their life.

Every business should be "ready" for sale at any time, in the sense that it's running as well as it can and optimizing value.

I have bought and sold several businesses including going public via an RTO. I’m not a broker and I won’t sell your business for you, but I can help you maximize the value you receive for your company.

When you’re ready to sell you’ll be able to attract the ideal buyer and structure a sale on most favourable terms. To get there, you have to do several things right:

  • Optimize all levels of your operation to reduce unnecessary spending and maximize EBITDA
  • Maximize share of wallet at key and other customers
  • Fire your worst customers. The best companies “fire” their worst customers each year to ensure renewal and rid the company of unprofitable customers
  • Ensure maximum asset utilization; sell or dispose of non-performing assets
  • Ensure necessary due-diligence documents will be available (key agreements, employment policies, etc.)
  • “Clean up” any inter-company or other non-arms-length agreements common for us of real estate and other assets
  • Prepare “Pro-forma” financial statements for previous periods that net out extraordinary items (such as large owner salaries or other “sweetheart” deals often done to save taxes), to more accurately reflect the ability of the company to make a profit
  • Build other evidence to support an aggressive valuation that should, but doesn’t exist (customer NPS scores)
  • Begin looking for options for a strategic buyer (either a customer, supplier or competitor)

Hire Brad If You're Thinking of Selling Your Business

Are you thinking of selling your business? Are you wondering what you need to have in place to have your company ready to sell? 

When it comes time to pull the trigger and list your company, you need to know that you’ve done all you could to ensure you get the most return on your investment of time and sweat and equity!