Owner Coaching

Good decisions come from Experience. Experience comes from Bad Decisions.

As a business owner for most of his life, Brad has a wide variety of experience in virtually every functional area of a company.

Brad practices Radical Candor, meaning he cares enough to tell you directly the things that your staff or partners may not. Helpful honesty with oneself and others is necessary to maximize results. 

Coaching starts with an honest assessment of the business and the role of the owner within it. This will include some basic personality assessments, a review of the financial and operational health of the company, and if the budget allows, a 360 degree review. It may or may not be focused on a specific problem.  

How we do this.

  • Personal improvement, skill development and performance
  • One on one coaching in strategy, design or lean startup tools
  • Readying the firm for sale
  • Achieving cultural or other transformation
  • How to grind more cash out of your business

Some objective evidence...

  • The Personnel Management Association says executives who received both coaching and training increased productivity by 86% compared to 22% with training alone.
  • 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching
  • 61% of owners report that it increased their job satisfaction
  • 22% of companies report that business coaching increased their profitability
  • 67% of business owners and executives report that it improved teamwork skills

Hire Brad for Owner Coaching

  • Lean principles can be applied in any sized organization looking to achieve product-market fit. that has a project involving 
  • Brad can help you re-organize for growth, or make sure you select the ideal new-hire candidate. A combination of psychological tests along accompanies a bespoke personal assessment. Together those makes sure you get the right people – in the right seats – on the bus.