Finally a 45 Caliber symbol for our kids to look up to (?)

Utah now has  a state firearm!

It is admittedly none of my business… but despite the 100th anniversary of the US Military adopting this gun – the Browning M1911  – as its standard issue sidearm, it’s just not the signal to send our young people.


Have you seen the games our young people play?  They almost all involve killing!  And it’s gratuitous killing in many cases.  This numbing to pain and suffering is not good for our society.  (Click here for a brief summary of a study by Chris Anderson of Iowa State University)  Logic and common sense say that violent symbols and messages can’t help bring us together, notwithstanding the networking capability of many of these games.  My observation is that even that is used for trash talking and no real positive purpose.

I don’t know how to change the trend.  I imagine it’s part of a larger shift in our society that has so many manifestations, to mention them here would dilute the message.

Well done Utah!  What’s next?