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If you have ever thought of starting a company, you MUST watch this video

Techcrunch’s Disrupt conference was lucky enough to have Paul Graham, Y-Combinator founder, conduct his famousBrad Poulos - Startup Companies “office hours” in front of the entire conference for several startup CEO’s. This is a must-watch video for anyone who is interested in starting a company today.

From Techcrunch’s Jason Kincaid:

Six companies were chosen at random from the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield. Then, for six sessions of less than ten minutes each, Graham spoke with each startup founder to flesh out their idea, asking probing questions as he tried to figure out what they were setting out to do, and what they might need to change.

Graham has a knack for being insightful and critical on his feet, and he doesn’t require much background information to hone in on some of the pain points and weaknesses in a startup’s idea (it’s a skill that likely comes from practice, as he’s held office hours with hundreds of YC companies). At the same time, he comes across as being curious and empathetic rather than overly negative — even when he’s telling a founder that their company is dead in the water.