The hidden genius in some corporate logos. Did you notice these before now???

We see corporate logos every day. Did you ever look closely at them? Scroll down and be surprised.

Do you see the arrow between the “E” and “x” ??




2nd and 3rd “t’s” are two people sharing a tortilla over a bowl of salsa









Probably the world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist – yellow circle front wheel of bicycle.







Arrow probably means Amazon has everything from A to Z ??

There is a sideways chocolate kiss between “K” and “I”






There is a bear if you look closely at image of Matterhorn . Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
















See “31” embedded in the “ B R” ?? Thirty one-derful flavors !!!














Northwest Airlines. Circle is a compass. Guess which direction the arrow in upper left corner (or beginning of “W”) is pointing ??? (north west)









See the gorilla and lioness ??








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Smiley face is also a “g” like in “goowill”