Hans And Ola Rosling - The Educated Guess

The Educated Guess – Make it Your Friend

The Educated Guess: Friend or Foe?

Professor Hans Rosling of the Karolinska Institute is becoming very well known for his data-driven TED talks.  This latest one includes his son, who shares some insight into how to be right more often, by using the Educated Guess.  There are several gems of data in here that they use to exemplify their points.  One of the keys for young people is that the market that you will serve if you’re successful will be the currently developing world.

If you want to know more about this fascinating father / son duo, you can check out their non-profit foundation which they bill as a “fact tank”.  They have taken the concept of the Educated Guess and reduced.

Here also is a link to the Hans Rosling Wikipedia page and an link to additional Hans Rosling TED talks on the educated guess and other data related subjects.