What’s a jobless generation to do??? Excellent CBC documentary on the alternatives!

Jobless Generation has little to be excited about

Thanks to Hariq, one of my best students ever, for passing this on.  CBC’s doczone does some excellent documentaries, and is one of the best sources of this programming in Canada.

Generation JoblessAs a business professor, I often wonder what all these graduates are going to do, “post-Brad” (-:.

My worst suspicions have been confirmed by Sharon Bartlett, Maria LeRose, and Sue Ridout in their documentary, “Generation Jobless”. They point out much to my chagrin just how wasteful much of our western “education” is, and unlike many such pieces, actually suggest alternatives that might work to help this jobless generation of Canadians avoid the inevitable.  Unfortunately the political courage that would be required to intricately couple the needs of industry with the education system it serves is not likely during our lifetimes.

The most intriguing in the documentary to me is the swiss system which integrates the needs of industry with the education system through an elaborate apprenticeship system. They have around two thirds of 15- to 19-year-olds enrolled in apprenticeships in one of over 400 different programs!!!

One such example is Bachem, a Swiss biochemical company.  They have apprenticeships in such diverse areas as lab technician, IT specialists, logistics and sales and marketing.  Or Credit Suisse, who offer apprenticeships in banking and computer technology.  If you’re interested in how Switzerland has avoided creating this jobless generation of graduates of universities (mostly) and colleges (too) who have little in the way of marketable job skills, this article provides more.

McJobs for our jobless generation??Definitely worth watching for our “jobless generation”, and not so young people alike.  Then spread the word and maybe just maybe we can make a difference. Maybe we can induce our politicians to think about and eventually make meaningful change in our education system, creating the vital links to the employers who will ultimately have to employ these grads.  Otherwise we risk a generation of youth who remain chronically in their “McJobs”, and if there are enough of them then we do so at our own peril, for many reasons, which are not the purpose of this post.

Check out the video here.