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Teen Cannabis Use

Teen Cannabis Use Under C45 – The Sky Ain’t Falling!

Fear of increased teen Cannabis Use is not backed by Data! The Federal Government’s #1 stated objective for the Cannabis Act (C45) is reduction of use by young people, yet one of the most often heard arguments against cannabis legalization in Canada is that teen cannabis use will increase as a result of more and

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Senior women smoking cannabis

7 Reasons You Need To Change Your Attitude Toward Cannabis

It’s Time Everyone Dumped Their Belief in Old Cannabis Myths It surprises and somewhat dismays me that a full year into focusing my consulting practice on the cannabis industry, I still meet raised eyebrows or the occasional “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” when I tell folks of my involvement. Clearly many of us should rethink some

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Cannabis Act - Canada

Cannabis Act Falls Short and Leaves Too Many Questions

Cannabis Act Focuses on Health and Safety Over Building Commercial Framework The Canadian government tabled their long-awaited Cannabis Act on Thursday. It’s no accident that they announced this on the second-best day in the calendar to bury a news story. While watching the news conference the discomfort with this file inside the liberal government was

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Corporate Cannabis Already Here

Big Corporate Cannabis Already Here

And They’re Getting a Huge Head Start! Big Corporate Cannabis is here already, and the government of Canada dragging their feet is simply providing a greater advantage to those already in the game. Canopy Growth Corp. announced that they’ll be making all of their associated brands available through a single portal, to be dubbed Tweed Main

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Plain Packaging Bad for Cannabis Branding

Cannabis Branding Opportunities Vital for Canadian Cannabis Companies

Liberals can’t see that cannabis branding is key to their goals. All indications are that the Canadian federal government’s approach to the cannabis business won’t offer nearly the cannabis branding opportunities many hope for. No doubt a blow to the big Licensed Producers (LP’s), this is even more vexing to the budding (pun totally intended!) but less well-funded

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Recreational Cannabis in Canada

No Recreational Cannabis in Canada until 2019

Recreational Cannabis in Canada still 2 Years away The local weed guy likely has about 2 years before they need to either go legit or seriously consider a career change. What?! Yes. Don’t look for any kind of wide-ranging retail access to cannabis for non-medical users much before the end of 2018. It’s simple math. Despite

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Task force on cannabis

I give an A- to the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Task Force on Cannabis Got it Mostly Right Last week’s release of the report by the Canadian government’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation largely took a public health approach, which is appropriate given both the initial terms of reference and the evidence they gathered throughout the process. It was heartening to see the government

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Canadian Government Task Force Report on Cannabis

Canadian Task Force Recommends Minimum Age for Cannabis of 18

The Canadian Government Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation just released its report titled “A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada“. Editor’s note: Interesting that they have started using the term “cannabis” over “marijuana”. Highlights of the recommendations: Limit sales to those 18 and over Severely limit cannabis advertising Allow public possession of

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