Must Read Business Books

Some books stand the test of time. Having been a reader of business and non-fiction books for the past 35 years, these are my top “must read” business books for students, managers, and entrepreneurs. They are in no particular order and while this started as a “Top 10” it’s now more…

If I could afford it, I would buy a copy of this book for every single parent, educator and student on earth. A must read if you want to understand why young people think and act as they do.

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The one book I wish I had read before becoming a parent. This book outlines the difference between those with a “Fixed” vs a “Growth” mindset, and why you’re better off having the latter outlook on life.

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Although Ben Horowitz is known for his startup track record, and as a V.C., this is just one of the best general management books I’ve ever read. Very practical advice for the manager at almost any level.

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Must Read Business Books

Now almost 80 years old, Dale Carnegie’s book is still relevant to anyone who seeks to get ahead in business, or life in general.  The kind of book you should read every 10 years or so…

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How to Win Friends and Influence People - Must read business books

Robert Kiyosaki shows how owning income-generating assets is the answer to creating wealth much more than having any job. The key to financial independence and building wealth is investing in income generating stocks, real estate investing, and businesses.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Covey’s timeless tome looks at how you can be effective not just in business but in all aspects of your life.

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Must Read Business Books

Jim Collins has isolated what it takes to build a really great company.  Broken down into three themes – discipled people, disciplined thought and disciplined action – this is a must read business book for any serious business student.

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Good to Great - Must read Business Books

You will be surprised to find out that the folks you think are millionaires probably aren’t, where they really are, and the tricks to becoming one.

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The Millionaire Next Door - Must Read Business Books

Peter Thiel is known for being an early Paypal investor, and for his role as the first V.C. to invest in Facebook. This is a must read for any startup entrepreneur.

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This story of how Thomas Watson Sr. and Jr. built IBM into the behemoth it became is incredibly interesting.

One of the few business-oriented books that I truly had a hard time putting down.

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One of the absolute “Must Read” Business Books for any budding entrepreneur, this book highlights the big mistakes most small business owners make, and how to avoid them.

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The E-Myth Revisited - Must Read Business Books

This is the bible when it comes to Lean Startup methodology. Eric Reis tells the story of how he approached starting a company in a completely new way, with an unyielding focus on the customer and business model.

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A very easy read, this 112-page book provides a simple leadership formula: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Reprimands. A vital resource for new managers or aspiring entrepreneurs.

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The One Minute Manager

While it seems obvious after reading the book, Blue Ocean Strategy looks at 150 strategic moves over 100+ years and explains how the path to success isn’t so much competing with rivals as carving out new, uncontested space.

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Blue Ocean Strategy