Financial Resources for Clients and Students

This resources page is a collection of tools that students and clients have requested over the years.  Feel free to request additions.

These are financial student resources for an undergraduate-level college or university finance student.

> Financial Analysis Ratios – these are the primary ratios we use for analysis of Financial Statements
> Goodwill Accounting Explained – Goodwill Accounting treatment
> Operating Leverage Explained – How one uses Operating Leverage to increase profits (or losses!)

Business Resources - Excel Models

Brad Poulos Simple 3 Year Business Model

Simple 3-Year Business Model

Easy to use 3-year business planning model. Provides Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow based on user inputs of sales, expenses and other cash-affecting items.

Simple NPV Model

Easy to use model to find the NPV of a series of monthly cash flows (even or uneven).

Simple DCF Model

This one is similar to the NPV model with a few more options.

Lease Rate Calculator

For calculating monthly lease rates for a 1, 2 or 3 year fully-recovered lease.

Lease vs Buy Calculator

For deciding between leasing and buying capital equipment.

Books Related To Finance

I have a page with a comprehensive list of books that provide a great background on money, our economy, how the world is really run.

Lean Startup Resources

Lean Canvas Template

Easy to use PPT template for tracking progress of a startup using the Lean Startup Process.

Click here to download.

Sales Resources

Business to Business Sales Funnel

A simple Excel-based funnel document for tracking sales opportunities and forecasting revenues.

Click here to download.