Income Inequality has never been greater. Video explains exactly who has all the money!

Income inequality is the stuff the revolutions are made of

Income inequality
Photo courtesy of NY Times

Jahri Evans Authentic Jersey Income distribution in the western world has never been so skewed as it is today.  At least not in “modern times”.  A relatively “fair” (that of course, a moving target) distribution of income, ensuring that income inequality is reasonable to the average citizen, is one of the cornerstones of a just and truly civilized society.  What is truly surprising about the video below is that it’s not only the poor, or the middle class, who are doing less poorly than the average person thinks they should be.  Even the “rich” — in the 80th to 90th percentile of income — are not getting their “fair share”.

It’s not even the 2%.  It’s 1%!  Check out the video.  It’s quite instructive.

One would be advised to look at what it was that started the Russian, French, and even to a degree, the Mexican and American Revolutions. Income inequality played a part in every one of them, and I can’t see good things happening if this continues. The Occupy Movement of 2011 was just the beginning methinks.

[with thanks to my friend Andrew M. for sharing]