Are you trying to accelerate innovation or get more out of your people?

I have a wide range of experience in corporate and small businesses, both public and private, as well as a ton of startup experience. There’s not much I haven’t seen!

I am a big fan of consultants who enable their clients. I believe it’s better to teach a person to catch fish than to give them one. My usual approach is highly collaborative. Having a wide variety of experience gives me a huge toolbox and while I take on projects under the Design Thinking, People Strategy, Strategic Planning and other banners, it’s the ability to simultaneously understand, integrate and leverage many disciplines and industries that makes me truly unique.

Global Best Practices

You’ll only get practical, no-nonsense, advice based on decades of diverse experience mixed with a part-time career in academia at the world-renowned Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

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For Startups

  • Lean startup and customer development
  • Design Thinking
  • Financial strategy and management
  • Effectual Thinking – making do with what you have

For CEO's

  • People Strategy – identifying, optimally placing and developing executives and next-gen executives – innovation through Design Thinking
  • Strategic planning – operational and performance improvement and new market development
  • Financial strategy and management
  • Effectual thinking

For Owners Only

  • Business Owner Coaching
  • Family Business Issues
  • Planning Your Exit or Readying For Sale
  • Succession Planning

The primary tools I use are design thinking, lean/agile methodology and a unique approach to people strategy.

If needed I can help with almost any management challenge from designing a new compensation system, to helping create a sales management program, to helping get you out of trouble with your bank (I have already done all of these before).

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