Who says Americans are stupid???

Americans are Stupid!

Of course we like to think that Americans are stupid, but let’s face Ronnie Lott Jersey it…

you could likely make a video like this in any country but it’s particularly fun to make fun of “how little Americans know about the world they run”!

Americans are stupid according <a href=Ronnie Lott Authentic Jersey to this map showing how they view the world…” src=”http://bradpoulos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/map_of_american_isolationist_thinking.png” width=”320″ height=”256″ hspace=”5px” vspace=”5px” />

Canada’s Rick Ronnie Lott Womens Jersey Mercer has perfected the art of making fun of this Ronnie Lott Youth Jersey so easily made Ronnie Lott Kids Jersey fun of group.  This video tries to show that Americans are stupid by pointing out their lack of knowledge of Canada.  His Talking to Americans bit was a regular feature and was later turned into a one-hour special.  It consistently made fun of Americans on the street, mostly by convincing them to agree with ridiculous statements, amongst others, about Canada.