TTC Tickets – 16 2/3 cents – From 1966 !

Restored Century PianoTTC Tickets found in Restored Century Piano

I am restoring a century piano and have been able to place its origin to the GTA sometime around the year 1900 (see photo).  It contains an action made by Otto Higel Co. Ltd., Toronto manufacturer of piano and organ supplies that was founded in 1896. By 1910 they were focusing on player piano actions so the estimate of 1900 – 1920 seems accurate.

When restoring the keys, I found the TTC tickets Dave Robinson Authentic Jersey in the picture below underneath the keyboard.  As you can see they denominated 16 2/3 cents.  In trying to find the date they came from, I searched on the TTC website and did find this article when searching for Dave Robinson Jersey target=”_blank”>16 2/3 cent TTC tickets.  Interestingly, the wage of the TTC workers at the time of inception (1892) was 16 2/3 cents per hour, however, if you think about it, Dave Robinson Kids Jersey they would never charge one hour’s labour for a ride on the red rocket.

The TTC Tickets I found

TTC Tickets found in Restored Century PianoThese are the tickets I found underneath the keys when I lifted them.  They are in excellent shape, and were #1 and 2 of some unknown larger strip of tickets.  On very close scrutiny you will see that the chair who Dave Robinson Womens Jersey signed them is R. C. Day (Ralph Carrette Day).  I researched and found that he was chair from 1963 to 1972, so it must be from that period.

I then found this history which says that the per ticket fare in 1966 was six for a dollar, so it is from that period, more or less, making them Dave Robinson Youth Jersey about 47 years old at present.

I was hoping that they, like the piano, were closer to 100 years old, and that i had won a lottery of sorts, however my luck is the same as in the 6/49.  Not my day.