Tony Miceli article was my first attempt at a Wikipedia entry.


Tony Miceli article on Wikipedia

Tony Miceli and his Musser Vibraphone

Getting to know Tony Miceli last summer gave me just the opportunity I needed….

I have been wanting to write an article for wikipedia for quite some time now.  Tony was listed on a list in Wikipedia of vibraphone players, but no article existed.

So I asked him if it would be ok with him and then got him to share a bit of biographical information, and then went from there.  As a gigging and teaching vibist all over the world, Tony Miceli is one interesting dude.  I hope you will check out the article.

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I highly recommend the experience, however, be ready for a long wait in the queue for approval.  It took almost a month between the time I submitted the article and the it being approved for publication.  The key there is that you have to have a well written article (i.e., English, markup, linking, etc.) and it has to be on a subject of notoriety.  So before you go writing an article about your uncle bob (or me), you can stop.  It won’t get published if there isn’t independent verification that the person, place or thing is notable.   If you’re not sure about the notability of your subject, consult the notability guidelines.

If you’re just interested in learning more about Tony, here are a few options:

Or the site he created for vibraphone players around the world, now the de facto global meeting place for vibe Jake Ryan Youth Jersey players: