This election is boooooooring!!!!

Is it just me? This election is boring the bejeezus out of me.  I don’t care about coalitions etc.  That’s spinning.  Coalitions are actually legitimate, especially when you get into a world of five parties.  If the voters were more balanced Marquise Goodwin Jersey between the five, coalitions, be they formal or ad hoc, would the norm.

Nothing else of substance separates the libs and the cons.  The economy ties the hands of the government, Marquise Goodwin Authentic Jersey and regardless of the political stripe they will spend in a recession and tax in good times.  That’s Keynesian economics.  The best example of that is that the deficit expanded under the conservatives in the 80’s and early 90’s and contracted under the Liberals in the 10+ years following their election in 93.  Check out this chart.  Chapter 8 – The Environment of Business – slide 25

Marquise Goodwin Womens Jersey Business – slide 25″ src=”” alt=”” hspace=”5px” vspace=”5px” width=”199″ height=”149″ />So with the economy not really an issue (I don’t believe that the Liberals will take away the tax cuts), what remains?

Not that I personally care.  I know who I’m voting for.  But for the sake Marquise Goodwin Youth Jersey of the millions who aren’t sure, wouldn’t it be nice if we Marquise Goodwin Kids Jersey really did understand fundamentally what differentiates these parties, once they actually gain power that is.  We know how they each pander to their interest groups — the conservatives to rural / religious / “right” folks, the Libs to newcomers and generally bleeding hearts like I once was, and the NDP mostly to fringe groups and Unions.  But that’s just how they get elected.  Once they’re in power, ideology doesn’t seem to matter as much as circumstance.