Sorry to see NNTV go off the air… #in

I helped Wendel Wilks with the first application for a “real” station back in 2004 and 2005.  That CRTC application was for a full out Broadcast Channel (must carry on cable, satellite etc), which would have covered Niagara and the GTA, but with a focus on Niagara.  I naively believed that the station had a good chance at a license but in the end the need to protect poor old CTV, Global et al prevailed.  Here’s Robbie Gould Jersey the original decision.

So I was really pleased to hear that NNTV was licensed by the CRTC (Category 2 – Digital only, Robbie Gould Authentic Jersey no must carry) several months ago.  Alas the Cat 2 license while much easier to get does not provide any protection re: format/content but more importantly, the lack of the guaranteed Cat 1 revenue Robbie Gould Womens Jersey must have done them in.

It’s a shame because Niagara is a market that should be able to support a dedicated TV station, but with the fragmentation of the media, I guess the economics don’t work.  Here is an article in the St. Catharines Standard with Robbie Gould Youth Jersey more detail.

Click on the Robbie Gould Kids Jersey NNTV logo above to go to their website.