Smartphone Security enough to keep the zombies away? Clever video from CWTA.

Smartphone Security the theme of new CWTA ad

Are you concerned with smartphone security?

I sat on the board of The Canadian Wireless Telecom Association for several years and during that time the association led several initiatives aim

smartphone security picture

ed at helping users get more value out of their smartphones.  We were the first in the world to have intercarrier text messaging, something that seems so basic now.  But in the year 2002 it wasn’t!  Then we pioneered shortcodes.

Their latest initiative is called “Protect Your Data. Protect Yourself“.  It’s is an industry-led initiative designed to help ensure that Canadian wireless users have the information they need to keep their personal information safe and secure, and to promote the safe use of wireless devices.  Similar to Focus on Driving, it’s aimed at helping customer ensure that smartphone security features are understood and utilized.