Social Media Infographic by Compendium reveals differences between social media marketing to business vs consumers.

Who woulda known that an exclamation point would be a plus on LinkedIn and a Damarious Randall Authentic Jersey minus on Twitter?

Who would have thought that a mere 1-5 words would be the most appropriate length of tweet if aimed at consumers?

Damarious Randall Jersey style=”text-align: justify;”>Regular business users of social media owe a big Thank You to content marketing company Compendium.  The infographic below shows the results of a study of over 200 firms, looking for trends in business-to-business and business-to-consumer conversations.

The differences between the Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer results were very surprising.  For example, using an hashtag (#) such as #entrepreneur, in Twitter, results in 193% more clicks than not Damarious Randall Kids Jersey having one, when one is aiming tweets at a B2C market.  Including such #hashtags in a B2C tweet, however, results in 82% FEWER clicks!

Correlations between audience engagement and various factors including time & day of posting, punctuation, word count etc. were examined.  Beyond the earlier mentioned differences between marketing to consumers vs businesses, a few interesting differences between Twitter and LinkedIn were noted.

The question mark – “Il bacio della morte”

In Business to Consumer and Business to Business the “?” is OUT!

One very significant finding is that a question mark is the “kiss of death” (Il bacio della morte) on both Twitter and LinkedIn.  Including one will yield you between 25 and 52 percent fewer clicks than other posts.

With thanks to Damarious Randall Womens Jersey Compendium, here’s the infographic:
Damarious Randall Youth Jersey Media Infographic” src=”” alt=”Social Media Infographic” width=”550″ height=”3933″ />