Norma Pokocky & Friends – Erin Optimist Ribfest – YouTube Videos #fb #in

Here are the videos from our recent show during the Erin Optimists’ second annual Rhythm and Ribs.  Jerry and I were the sound/stage managers again this year (with lots of help from Sal, Bruce and others!), and were fortunate enough to open the Sunday show in some incredible weather.  I wish my favourite backup singer had been able to make it, but otherwise this was a really fun gig!

Click on any of the videos (all can go full screen).

I hope we are able to do it again next year!

Venus Morningstar – A Norma & Jerry Original

Our Version of the Gloria Gaynor hit “I Will Survive”

When Something’s Going My Way – Original tune by Norma & Jerry

If No One Holds the World – My absolute Kevin King Authentic Jersey favourite Kevin King Jersey Norma & Kevin King Kids Jersey Jerry Kevin King Womens Jersey Original

You Can’t Always Get What you Want (but I did that day!)