Remembering Rick Wright, founding keyboardist of Pink Floyd. #fb

Jamaal Williams Authentic Jersey vspace=”5px” width=”132″ height=”247″ /> Today would have been the 68th birthday of Richard Wright, one  of the founding members of Pink Floyd.  Since I first heard that incredible bass line in the song Money when I was about 13 or so, I have just loved these guys.

As the writer of my favourite Pink Floyd song, The Great Gig in the Sky, and the band’s keyboardist, I guess it’s Jamaal Williams Jersey no surprise that I admired this guy so much.  Plus he has always been the quiet one, while Roger Waters and David Gilmour shared the majority of the spotlight, and I’ve always admired the people who quietly contribute or shed the limelight.

On his Wikipedia article there are several tributes from his fellow band-mates but the one from drummer Nick Mason is the one that I like best:

Like any band, Jamaal Williams Kids Jersey you can never quite quantify who does what. But Pink Floyd wouldn’t have been Pink Floyd if [we] hadn’t had Rick. I think there’s a feeling now – particularly after all the warfare that went on with Roger and David trying to make clear what their contribution was – that perhaps Rick rather got pushed into the background. Because the sound of Pink Floyd is more than the guitar, bass, and drum thing. Rick was the sound that knitted it all together… He was by far the quietest of the band, right from day one. And, I think, probably harder to get Jamaal Williams Womens Jersey to know than the rest of us… It’s almost that George Harrison thing. You sort of forget that they Jamaal Williams Youth Jersey did a lot more than perhaps they’re given credit for.

So, Rest in Peace Rick Wright. You and your music will be remembered, admired and enjoyed for a long time to come.