Read about an incredibly positive customer experience with #Apple today. #in #fb

I had an experience with Apple today that was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Not that I’m an Apple newbie or anything.  I’ve used Mac’s for most of my adult life, and generally been a huge Apple fan since I used an Apple IIE in 1982.  However for my mobile device, I have been a big proponent of the Blackberry until quite recently.  Now I can’t actually ever see myself going back to one.  Jake Ryan Authentic Jersey And it’s only been a month!

Vintage BlackberryI bought my first Blackberry 10 years ago – about 3 weeks after 9/11/01.  It looked like the one right here (remember those!?).  I remember the timing because I was one of the roughly 50% who showed up to St. Jake Ryan Jersey Johns, Newfoundland, at the 100th anniversary of Marconi’s trans-Atlantic wireless transmission in 1901.  Jake Ryan Kids Jersey The planes had just started flying again in earnest, and while hobnobbing with these wireless CEO’s I realized I didn’t fit in because they were all crack-berry enabled, and I wasn’t.  Even Prime Minister Chretien had one!

I love this country in so many ways but we are not the easiest place to innovate, for several reasons.  Nevertheless the odd time, one of our own is able to establish itself as a true innovator, and Research in Motion (RIM) is certainly one of them.  I have been a huge blackberry fan for a long time.  And one of its most rabid defenders Jake Ryan Womens Jersey since the iPhone was launched four years ago.  Until recently, there was some basis to the arguments for the Blackberry and against the iPhone (security, email, flash, etc.).  But I am done with the Kool-Aid.

So now to my experience today at the Apple Store:Smashed iPhone

I got this iPhone about a month ago.  Since I also have a Mac and an iPad, it just seemed to make sense, and then my partner kind of insisted I get one to help him test drive some Apps for the iPhone and the other smartphones that he is working on.  I came to love the darn thing.  And then the other night, my worst nightmare occurred.  I accidentally dropped a glass measuring cup on the phone, smashing the screen.  It looked worse than the one shown here and half the screen was essentially opaque.  As I had a plastic screen cover, the smashed glass was held together, and amazingly, the phone still kind of worked.  I didn’t buy the “stupidity insurance” that Telus offered me when I bought the phone, so I went to the Apple store earlier today, and was asked what happened.  I told the truth (doesn’t everyone in these situations?).  The young lady, Shari, told me it would possibly cost $229 to replace the screen but asked if I could wait so she could “see what I can do for you”.  She returned maybe five minutes later, with a brand new FREE phone.

Apple wants me as a customer, and they know how to do it. I don’t know how they decide these things but I suspect they have a look at my activity on iTunes, and they know I’m registered as an Apple Developer (long story, no I don’t know squat about programming really; not compared to the guys i work alongside).  In any case they have a way to determine who they go the extra mile for – unless it’s everyone, but that seems unlikely – and they deserve to have their story told.

I’m worried about Jake Ryan Youth Jersey RIM.  Real worried.

Now I have to ask my Broker why he put me in RIM last March.