This is where all this ridiculous Politically Correct speech starts! Educators! Makes perfect sense…

I couldn’t believe when I heard a few of the examples on the radio of the how the educators in Durham Region (Ontario, East of Toronto) want Corey Linsley Authentic Jersey us to speak to one another.

Apparently it’s not limited to the touchy things such as how I’m not supposed to call my Korean business partner a “Korean” any more, but rather a “person from Korea”. Oh no! We’re now talking about basic english terms, such as man and woman. Those aren’t ok any more, UNLESS you really mean, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, in which case you SHOULD use the term Men and Women. Confused yet? Just wait!

So the plural of man (men) is ok, but only when you’re addressing a bunch of them. Referring to our species as “man” is no longer ok. We are not “mankind” but rather “humankind” or just “human beings”. OK. I get that some of my more sensitive lady friends — oops, I mean “human acquaintances of the female persuasion” — might prefer that one. Products are not “man-made” any more. Rather they are “artificial, synthetic or manufactured” (I guess the language nazis missed the word “man” in “manufactured” or it would be verboten too!).

Oh apparently my friends from other places, you know, Koreans, Italians, Spaniards, Mexicans, etc would rather be called “people from Korea” etc. Nor are we muslim, catholic or jewish, but rather “people who practice …”. You can see a pattern developing here. It’s all about labels, of any kind. Label = Bad (regardless of the actual label or its purpose). For some reason people believe that by stating the obvious (for example, he’s black) that it is somehow offensive. It is not Corey Linsley Jersey offensive to state the truth in plain, non pejorative language. This is why so few politicians refer to our problems as problems among the black youth in our city, despite the fact that 100% of gang members are black! By avoiding the truth we avoid, prevent or at least defer dealing with that truth.  Instead we refer to it as a “youth problem” (which it’s not, a lot of them are in their 40’s), or a “gang problem” (which it’s not, as our “gangs” are not well organized and are more bands of lawless black kids running Corey Linsley Kids Jersey around with guns they haven’t bothered to learn how to use).

Another example is the way we pussy foot around anything to do with muslims, or the Islamic religion. Oops. I should not call them “muslims” but rather “people from the muslim community”. Our training in sensitivity over the past 20 years as made us afraid to address anything from this community, even when what they do threaten our very way of life.

When did that happen? And why?

I’m not blaming the well-meaning folks at the Durham District School Board. I blame YOU, ME and EVERYONE who thinks that the cleansing of Corey Linsley Womens Jersey our language to the point that it can’t or won’t offend anyone is a lofty, noble goal. It’s not. It’s bullshit!

When I was young, certain words were just not ever used.  One was the word “nigger”.  I was taught that this is basically the most offensive word in the English language.  As a personal aside, it is indeed the only English Corey Linsley Youth Jersey word that by, in and of itself, offends this writer.   I don’t need to name the others but most of them were around either ethnic or similar lines.  My sister went to the “Crippled Children’s Centre” and was actually really really happy there (I wonder if they all knew how unhappy they were supposed to be over being labeled?).  Since that time we’ve gone from:

“Crippled” is no longer ok, we’re going to call them “handicapped”, to

“Handicapped” is not good now, let’s call them “disabled”, to

“Disabled” is too, er, um, labeling, so let’s try “physically challenged”.

Next I guess it’s going to be “a person who can’t walk”.  All of this in 40 years!  How are people supposed to know what’s ok and what isn’t?  Societal norms don’t change four times in 40 years.  Until you put the educators in charge.  Then you get this…

Here’s a link to the entire document.