OMG and muffin top added to the Oxford dictionary. LOL !

Oxford Ahkello Witherspoon Jersey English Dictionary has added a whack of new words to reflect the continually evolving language, including — to my dismay — several slang terms and “initialisms”.(#li)  Thanks Kids!!!!!   OMG, WTF do i do now? 

Go with the Ahkello Witherspoon Authentic Jersey flow and learn the lingo!

Here’s the Globe’s article.

Does this move away from the “king’s English” bother you?  Is thru just as good as threw — or  Ahkello Witherspoon Womens Jersey through?!  Maybe WTF, and smiley’s are Ahkello Witherspoon Youth Jersey a better way of communicating.  A less ambiguous throwback to morse Ahkello Witherspoon Kids Jersey code.

And English is a tough language.  If there’s any way their chats are clearer, they’re going to continue communicating this way.