Yo! Sista! Get yo ba-donka-donk off’n ma train!!! Loud Talker booted off train for cell phone use! #in

My girlfriend would cheer this!!!  A woman was booted off an Amtrak train for speaking loudly on her cell phone. For 16 hours. Straight.

As a regular commuter my girlfriend was just this morning complaining about others’ lack of respect Zane Beadles Jersey as demonstrated through their blasting of iPod’s Zane Beadles Authentic Jersey and talking on cell phones.

Why don’t people realize we don’t CARE about what you did last night?!  In this case the woman boarded the train in Oakland, California Zane Beadles Womens Jersey and, Zane Beadles Youth Jersey despite being asked to shut it down following several complaints from passengers, she refused to get off the phone.

Lakeysha Zane Beadles Kids Jersey Beard, the passenger, said she felt “disrespected” by the entire incident (I think your mom did that when she  named you Lakeysha!!!).  The quintessential loud talker was charged with disorderly conduct.  About time.  Obviously this woman does not know what respect is about.

Now if only we could make your pants dragging half way down your ass a crime as well…