A real man says he’s sorry when he knows he’s done wrong. John Lennon apology note to Pam Grier. #fb

John LennonThere is a famous story about John Lennon and Harry Nilsson being thrown out of a Los Angeles club for heckling the Smothers Brothers and at least helping to start a fight.  What many may not know is that is that his contrition was recorded for posterity.

Here’s the story.  March 11, 1974. A big hollywood crowd has come out to see the Smothers Brothers at Los Angeles’s Troubador club.  Tommy in particular Richard Rodgers Authentic Jersey is working out the kinks in his new act after some time off from performing.   In the crowd are Paul Newman, Peter Lawford and John Lennon’s party which included Harry Nilsson, and B-Movie actress Pam Grier who was part of his 18 month “Lost Weekend” with May Pang.

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As usual for this period, Richard Rodgers Kids Jersey Lennon, Nilsson, and their entourage are trashed, and they begin ruthlessly heckling Tommy.  Nilsson was the bigger Richard Rodgers Womens Jersey culprit, having been misled by Lennon into thinking that Smothers actually liked it! Eventually they are thrown out, and to top off the night, Lennon allegedly hit a photographer.

What is less well known is that Lennon sent this Richard Rodgers Youth Jersey note, accompanied by flowers, to Pam Grier the following day. Apparently, they had just met that evening, and while not really a part of the ruckus, she was kicked out of the club just for being part of his group.

I love the last part, “thank you for not hitting me”!

Thanks to Q107’s Joanne Wilder for reminding me about this story.