In Support of Michael Chong

I had a chance to speak to Mr. Chong — our Conservative Steve Young Jersey MP — briefly today as he was out working the campaign trail going door to door.  I have liked him since first meeting him before he was elected in 2004.  He’s a very genuine person, immediately likeable and yet he comes across with a seriousness that makes you know he doesn’t take any of his job lightly.  He speaks incredibly well, and to me, has the right idea about what is and is not a country.  He founded the Dominion Institute, which aims to Steve Young Authentic Jersey preserve and promote Canadian history, along with Rudyard Griffiths, another great Canadian.

In 2007 he demonstrated the depth of his integrity and his belief in one Canada — as I do — by resigning his cabinet post in protest over the government going down the road of declaring the Quebecois people a “nation”.

Shortly afterward I had the chance to talk to him and I suggested that if he hadn’t read it, perhaps John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage” would be Steve Young Womens Jersey a fitting read for him.  It’s a book he wrote while flat Steve Young Youth Jersey on his back after back surgery, and it profiles eight very courageous politicians who did what they thought was right, rather than what was popular.  He told me that while he was not previously familiar with the book, a LIBERAL senator, in fact Frank Mahovalich, had given him a copy of the book.

When a politician from the other side makes that kind of gesture, it says a lot about the integrity of the man on the receiving end.

Mr. Chong has also worked hard to reform parliament in ways important to Canadians I believe.  Most people don’t realize that in practical terms the PM has way more power – relatively speaking – than the President of the US.  It’s closer to King when they have a majority.  PM can kick members out of caucus, pick who runs where, etc.  He wants to put that power back in the hands of the local party groups, where it began!  He also wants to clean up  the mess that is Question Period.  In short, I don’t know how anyone but the core leadership of the parties could disagree.

Due to his courageous act in 2007, he is still working hard to get back to positions of power.  I think the work he’s doing will help a lot in that regard.  Over the next ten years don’t be surprised if we see this very capable 40 year old man rise to the top of the party and perhaps one day run the country.

Based on what I’ve seen, he Steve Young Kids Jersey would have my 100% support for that.

Here is Mike’s official MP website if you’re interested, and his re-election campaign site.