Hockey Headshots – Time for NHL to send a message

If i were the NHL i would be thanking Matt Cornellius Carradine Jersey Cooke for providing such an awesome opportunity to show that they mean business about cracking down on head shots.  Will we need another Bill Masterton before something gets done??? In case you haven’t seen the hit, here it is on Youtube.

I know the gutless NHL will likely be the wussies they usually are and NOT send the message that needs so badly to be sent.  If that’s the case Cornellius Carradine Authentic Jersey they should take Allan Maki’s (Globe and Mail) advice.  He wrote this in his column Cornellius Carradine Womens Jersey today.

Matt Cooke is the consummate repeat offender. Not one of his previous four suspensions has so inspired him to stop his dangerous behaviour.

So if taking away his ice time and money doesn’t work, how about this? How about taking him to a hospital or rehabilitation clinic and forcing him to spend a week with brain-damaged patients?

Have him watch them, have him feed them, if necessary; have him take them to the bathroom. Have him be there and see how these patients interact with family members and just how many people are Cornellius Carradine Youth Jersey affected by such an unfortunate turn.

Everything else has failed with Matt Cooke. Appealing to whatever is left of his humanity just might work.

The irony of course is that Sid the Kid plays on the Cornellius Carradine Kids Jersey same team, and he is out indefinitely. He has been very vocal about what happened to him. Let’s see if he (and Lemieux) are as vocal when it involves one of their own, or if they will tow the party line as is normally the case…