Canadian Census is lame. What a wasted opportunity! #Canadiancensus

As a businessperson, I resent that the census I filled out does NOTHING more than tell the government that I am 51 years of age, speak English and a bit of French and was once married, and I Vance Mcdonald Jersey live where I do.  That’s it.

I totally resent that the government cares more about whether I speak a language that is totally irrelevant to a VAST MAJORITY of Canadians, than about whether I:

– have a job (full or part time), am self-employed, in school, retired or otherwise

– make $1,000 or $1,000,000 or somewhere in between

– was born here, or elsewhere

– have any dependents that don’t live with me

– am a visible minority, or an aboriginal person

– have my Grade 8, High School, College, University or Hair Make-up College

– always lived in this province or was born elsewhere, in Canada

All of this and much much more used to be available, and I have used this information many times in my career.  Here’s a link to the 2006 Census so you can see what I mean.

An example of 2006 Census Data

Remember this information is to be used anonymously, in the aggregate, to create useful statistics not only for government but for business too.  I am personally not concerned that this information will fall into the wrong hands.  I usually lean toward less government and less intrusion, but this is a civic duty Vance Mcdonald Authentic Jersey and the information we’re talking about is not really private anyway.  The CRA knows how I make my living.  Other departments know bits and pieces.  My place of birth is not a secret if I came from somewhere else unless I’m here illegally.  And one way to solve it would be to have two forms.  One anonymous without  names and not tied to your address, and one with the basics like I just filled out, which is Vance Mcdonald Womens Jersey not anonymous.

Just to be clear, I’m not for asking all kinds of probing questions.  Only basic demographic information.  For example, I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask about sexual orientation, or at least if they did it should be 100% optional (which I admit dilutes the value of the survey on that question). Same goes with anything on religious lines.  It’s potentially inflammatory to some so you make it optional.  At least it’s some data.

In any case, we as businesspeople will now suffer, as the once-stellar quality of the information is bloody useless going forward. One actually wonders why bother at all, other than to figure out electoral boundaries.  You might be amazed with the information you used to be able to get

From the economist’s point of view, it is just plain inefficient for the government Vance Mcdonald Youth Jersey NOT to Vance Mcdonald Kids Jersey have continued the long form census.  Marketing people will now spend money that could have been used otherwise in the economy, to gather this information, at an aggregate cost much greater than before.  I have not heard a good reason yet to get rid of the long form census and now that I’ve seen the short form, I’m disgusted with the Conservatives for this.

Oh.  I forgot.  They also asked if I lived on a farm or not…